The hack you didn’t know you needed for your crafty kids

Crafting hack, simple storage to use while your kids craft

It’s not a secret I LOVE creating and letting my girls create. But one thing I don’t particularly love is when the craft supplies go everywhere. I think moms everywhere can agree. Something about knowing that all those rhinestones and beads and giant sequence that are all over the place just occupies your mind instead of focusing on your precious babes making masterpieces.

I need to clarify that I’m not a clean freak, not even in the slightest. After all I’m a mom of 4, three of which are within 4 years of one another…so yeah I’m totally not a clean freak. Now, I also don’t keep a dirty home. We call it lived in {can I get and AMEN?!}.

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But going back to that first paragraph it makes for a much more enjoyable crafting experience when I’m not focused on the 8 million beads that just fell off the side of the table because the entire jar spilled. Ok, maybe 8 million is a little exaggeration but it’s pretty close ;).

And you know what, I’m not the only mom who feels this way. I’ve talked to countless moms this last year who all agree, they have a really hard time enjoying art at home with their kids because their brain will focus on the mess instead of their kids. It’s natural. As parents, we have so much on our plates the last thing we want to do is chase rolling tiny itty bitty beads all of the kitchen floor.

So here’s my craft hack that you NEED in your life when you create with your kids at home…are you ready? MUFFIN TINS! Yes, you read it right, muffin tins. I know it sounds so simple and maybe a little crazy that muffin tins can help you enjoy art time with your sweet kiddos but I’m telling you they are just the thing you need!

I was in Dollar Tree {my second favorite store on the planet} one day shopping for supplies for crafting event we were putting on and I was trying to find something that would hold all the little cut outs because I didn’t want to scatter them on the table but I also didn’t want to use bowls because they just take up way too much room. I walked down the kitchen aisle and there they were, almost like a ray from the heavens shined upon them, and it hit! Muffin tins are small enough they don’t take up all the space on the table, big enough to hold lots of supplies, and shallow enough that kids can easily get to the supplies without getting their little hands stuck or having to dump it all out.

The hack you didn't know you needed for your crafty kids

I can not tell you the number of parents that commented on how perfect the muffin tins worked.

These little guys are so cheap too! I picked ours up for $1 but I’m sure you can find some at local garage sales and thrift stores for next to nothing.

I’d love to hear your favorite at home crafting tips. Leave them in the comments below.


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