A Christmas gift teens & tweens will LOVE!

November 14, 2020

DIY SPA KITS FOR TEENS What does you preteen (tween), or teen want for Christmas? I don’t know about your kiddos but my girls are getting harder and harder to buy for the older they get. I’m a momma of 4 girls, three of which are all with in 3 years of one another. They are stair steps and I…

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DIY sensory activites your toddler will love

June 29, 2019

What is sensory play for toddlers? Sensory play is crucial for your child’s development. I’m not going to spout out all the scientific reasonings sensory play is huge for your toddler…because I am not a doctor or licensed in this field in any way. I am, however, a momma of 4 and have seen what it’s done for our own…

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How to juggle it all during the summer when you’re a WAHM

June 28, 2019

Is it possible to be a mompreneur during the summer months? Yes, absolutely! Working from home during summertime with kiddos is, let’s just say a little crazy sometimes, but it’s still possible. I haven’t always been a WAHM so I’ve definitely had to adjust how we “summer” these days. And after a few years I think I finally found our…

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12 tips to make your trip to the zoo even better and stress free

June 1, 2019

I love watching my girl’s faces light up when they see all the animals at the zoo. But to tell you the truth, I haven’t always loved actually going. I know all moms everywhere can relate. It can be so much work and STRESS to take your kids places like this by yourself. But it can be fun for you…

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Starting a side hustle from home when you’re a stay at home momma

May 20, 2019

SIDE HUSTLE I know so many mommas out there can relate to this. Whether you want to bring in a little income to make ends meet or you simply just want to feel apart of the work force again you are not alone. Affiliate Disclosure. Some of the links on this website are affiliate links, which means that I may…

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How I survived 16 months breastfeeding our fourth {and last} baby

mom breastfeeding infant. mom is wearing a red bandana and a black tank top shirt that reads 'MERICA. Baby has red painted toenails. Mom is looking at baby while she nurses. Mom is wearing patriotic colored nail polish and sitting on a green grassy hill outside in public.
January 20, 2019

I am not ashamed of saying I am PRO breastfeeding. Growing up I never saw anyone breastfeed. Honestly didn’t pay enough attention as a kid to ever notice any women ever doing it in public. My mom didn’t breastfeed, my grandma didn’t breastfeed her, and I never saw a family member do it either because it wasn’t done in our…

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