Dollar Tree pumpkins, how to give them a RUSTIC makeover

August 1, 2019

Frugal fall decorating, how to give a Dollar Tree pumpkin a rustic makeover We’ve all seen them the bright orange pumpkins on the shelves at the Dollar Tree. You think to yourself ‘I could paint that up and make it look soooo much better’. Then fall comes and the darn ugly pumpkin is still sitting there untouched by your creativity.…

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Decoupage a wood hanger with a napkin

June 15, 2019

Decoupaging is much easier than most people think. And it can be done on almost any surface, as long as the surface stays dry. My grandma taught me this technique when I was just a small kid at her kitchen table and it’s one I’ll never forget. And according to good ol’ Google decoupage has been around since the 17th…

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Top 15 craft supplies you should be buying from the Dollar Tree

mason jars filled with small pony beads, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, rhinestones. Clear craft storage containers
June 13, 2019

The DOLLAR TREE!! I love this place and I actually buy lots of supplies here, especially ones for the kiddos to use. But don’t be fooled by that $1 price tag, not all supplies are a smart buy there. Here are my top craft supplies that I personally most of the time buy from the Dollar Tree. CRAFT ROCKS Usually…

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