Snowman snack, easy, simple and mess free

Snowman snack, easy, simple and mess free

Here’s a fun snack for those little ones that LOVE fun foods! It’s SUPER easy, almost totally mess free {you might have some crumbs but that will pretty much be it}, very friendly on the wallet and honestly you probably already have these items on hand.

Snowman snack, easy, simple & mess free

Here’s what you’ll need

  • vanilla wafers

  • chocolate chips {we used regular ones but the mini’s would have been PERFECT for this snack}

  • twizzlers pull & peel

That’s it! There aren’t a whole lot of steps to this adorable little snack.

First, place three vanilla wafers in a line, like a snowman. Then use the chocolate chips to make a cute face. Last peel off a couple pieces of the twizzlers for a scarf. Put them in in between the first and second wafers and viola you have your very own snowman snack!

I told you it was super simple. Enjoy!

easy & simple snowman snack

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