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She is far more precious than jewels PROVERBS 31:10 free wall art print

Need a Proverbs 31 printable? Use this one, it’s FREE!

My girls have this weird hallway/lounge area space in between their bedrooms upstairs. For the last 6 months it’s been a play area. Now that the holidays are over I am making time to revamp this space for them.

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One thing I was absolutely certain was that this space NEEDED to be filled with affirmations, sisterly love, and God. When they are in this space I want them to see God’s truths about them. Pictures of all 4 girls together. And words of love.

I love the Bible verse:

she is far more precious than jewels proverbs 31:10

So I made a printable in to print off and put in the frame.

Canva has SO MANY great free templates, images, and fonts to use. I use it a lot in my business to do photo mock ups, printables like this Proverbs print, and images for my blog. This website has been a wonderful tool to use.

using canva to print PROVERBS 31 art

If you’d like the FREE PROVERBS PRINTABLE you can get it from my free resource library. CLICK HERE.

I saved this document as an A4 but after you’ve downloaded the pdf you can adjust the size to fit your needs. Before you hit the print button, if you want to adjust the size of your printable, select more on your printer settings and it will give you lots of sizes to choose from. I adjusted mine to a 5×8 to fit inside of my picture frame. Be sure if you change the size of your Proverbs printable that you also check the tab circle thing for the FIT TO SIZE so that it prints the whole printable and not just a portion.

resizing PROVERBS 31 art in canva

Ross clearance was a great place to find an inexpensive frame. Clearance aisles are a great place to find good deals on frames even if you don’t love the print that comes with the frame.

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Here’s what the frame looked like when It’s a double glass frame so your print gets sandwiched between the two pieces.

changing out a print in a picture frame from Ross clearance section

I used my simple hp all-in-one printer, nothing fancy at all, to print my printable on regular office printer paper.

using a HP deskjet printer to make wall art

This little portable Swingline paper cutter has been a dream to have! It doesn’t take up much space and it cuts paper so much straighter than my shakey when I’m concentrating hand and a pair of scissors lol!

paper cutter trimming PROVERBS 31 wall art printable

When you’re done reading this Ross frugal clearance find be sure to check out my Hobby Lobby wooden frame makeover —->click here<—-

I cleaned my frame with rubbing alcohol to get all the finger prints and stickers off of it. This is super inexpensive but works great!

rubbing alcohol to remove sticky residue on glass

Ahhhh it’s so pretty! I love this proverbs printable so much that I almost wanted to keep it downstairs in my living room. With the lighting in there it looked absolutely gorgeous!

She is far more precious than jewels free printable sign. Watercolor geometrical theme proverbs 31:10 free print. Print your own girl, teen, tween biblical printout.

But it looks better in their girly lounge space <3!

she is far more precious than jewels wall art

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Check out more from my crafty frugal momma blog.

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