How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine

How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine

I absolutely LOVE my Cricut cutting machine and use it almost daily but there are certain projects when it’s much easier to hand cut things myself. Being a buys momma of 4 I don’t always have time to wait on technology lol. Because we all know when we are rushed for getting a project done something is going to go wrong, like the app needing updated or the computer taking forever to start…that kind of stuff always happens, never fails.

I appreciate the simplicity of making hand cut flowers. There’s no need for technology. Each flower turns out totally and 100% unique. And it’s just plain fun! These small flowers are super simple and make a great starting point of learning how to make flowers by hand. If you can cut a circle and hold a paint brush then you don’t have any worries!

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How to make hand cut paper flowers, no cutting machine required

How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine

Here’s what you’ll need

  • scissors

  • cardstock

  • a small paint brush, pencil, or pen {you won’t be painting or writing with this}

  • small beads


Start by cutting out three circles that are just a tiny bit smaller as the last one. I always cut the biggest one first then work my way to the smallest. I eyeball how big of a diameter I need for the space I’m filling. They will almost look like you are cutting out circles to build a paper snowman.

I chose cardstock to make my flowers out of but you can truly use any kind of paper you’d like. If you choose cardstock there are a few things you should know. One, it’s fancy a fancy name for thick paper {or at least that’s what I think of it}. Two, it comes in a wide variety of colors, thickness, prints, and textures. Three, it can be a little pricey but if you catch it on sale at Michael’s or any other craft store you can stock up at a really low price. This is what I do. Anytime I find cardstock on sale I grab what I can afford because I make so many different projects using cardstock. Like this DIY LIGHT UP FAIRY JAR , or this DIY VALENTINE’S DAY PALLET SIGN, or this adorable KIDS CATERPILLAR CRAFT. I used cardstock I had on hand to create all of those fun projects. And since I’m an impulse maker lol, I hardly ever plan my projects out ahead of time so having things on hand is just apart of my create process;)!

How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine

Taking your paintbrush, pen, or pencil and roll just the edges of each circle. I used a paint brush but a pen or pencil will work just fine too. don’t roll them too much as they’ll end up too curled under. If you don’t have any of these on hand you can always just use your finger to curl up the edges of your paper pedals.

How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine

This is what your circles should look like once you’ve rolled the edges. You can see they are starting to look like paper flowers already! I love you uneven the circles are, it makes them so unique!

How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine

Then glue the circles on top of one another, starting with the biggest circle as the base, the medium circle in the middle and the smallest circle on top. Just a small dab of hot glue from a low temp glue gun will work great. Add another dab of glue to top of the smallest circle and add some beads.

How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine

And your hand cut paper flowers are done. So cute right?!!! I added a few green leaves that I had already cut form a prior project using my Cricut cutting machine.

How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine.

You can add these hand cut flowers to almost anything. I used them for this beYOUtiful sign that you can purchase in my Etsy shop.

How to make paper flowers without a cutting machine

Be sure to leave your pictures below of the gorgeous hand cut paper flowers you make using this tutorial.

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