How to juggle it all during the summer when you’re a WAHM

5 must have tips for WAHMs to survive the summer months

Is it possible to be a mompreneur during the summer months?

Yes, absolutely! Working from home during summertime with kiddos is, let’s just say a little crazy sometimes, but it’s still possible. I haven’t always been a WAHM so I’ve definitely had to adjust how we “summer” these days. And after a few years I think I finally found our happy middle. As long as I keep these 5 tips for how to juggle it all I can keep my sanity too.

Here are 5 tips to help you “summer” better as a work at home mom.

  1. Set a MOM IS WORKING schedule.

This does not have to be the same every single day. In fact, ours changes daily. I create handmade décor & craft kits so my days are really pretty flexible and this type of scheduling works well for our family. If your schedule can’t be as flexible decide what days you need to work and be sure the ENTIRE family is on board. And then implement the schedule all summer long. I personally have chosen to work 3 days a week and scheduled off 2 fun days per week.

2. Let them help

If your kiddos are old enough and your type of business allows for it let them help you. Take the time to show them what it is you do. They will have a much bigger appreciation for your work AND they will love that they got to be involved. Some things our girls help me with in our crafty business is organize invoices, write thank you notes to our customers, and help with packaging.

3. Plan a bucket list

Planning a summer bucket list will give them something to look forward to all summer long. Even better, plan it together. Here is the summer bucket list that our family planned. They are all FREE things to do so I don’t even have the stress about finding room in the budget for a ton of summer activities.

4. Take an hour a day to tidy up the house

Keeping a tidy house will help you keep your mind clear. It’s when the laundry starts to pile up, the toys are scattered everywhere, and the bathroom counter looks like an explosion…don’t judge lol we’ve all been there…that your mind starts focusing on those items instead of what’s on the calendar for the day, whether it’s a fun or a work day. I take 20 minutes each morning to do some light chores and 40 minutes before my husband gets home from work we do the rest of the chores that need to be done that day. This has really helped me from getting distracted and staying on task for the day. We are a chore family so all of our girls, even our 3 year old, get involved in the housework.

5.. Take the time to unwind

For the most part I stop working my crafty job when my husband gets home from work. Although I could craft and create all day everyday it’s so important for my sanity, my marriage, and my job as a mom to take time to just let my brain unwind and breath. Enjoy a drink with your husband on the patio talking about your day. Jump on the trampoline with your kids. Take a walk as a family around the block. No matter what it is, take the time to be present with them every day.

I hope this list of managing your summer as a work at home mom helps. Remember to enjoy those precious babies, work will always be there but they won’t be little forever.

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