How to host an adult Pinterest party

How to host an adult Pinterst party

Hosting a PINTERST party is easier than you think!

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1. Decided on your project

To make this super easy the host should pick this. If you’re having a hard time deciding check out my Pinterest boards for inspiration. Seasonal crafts are usually a big hit!


How to host a Pinterest party


2. Location

For most people their home works just fine for this type of party. If your house is a little too cozy you can always opt for the garage or backyard , if weather permits. If you plan to host a lot of friends for your craft party you can look into renting space at your local community center.

3. Invites

I wouldn’t go inviting everyone on my social media friends list but I would invite those that I actually enjoy spending time with. You can get super fancy and mail out invites or you can text, email, or do a Facebook invite. All are good options, personally I’m a texter so that’s the route I would go.

4. Getting crafting materials

Instead of asking Susie to bring this and Sally to bring that I would opt to getting all the materials and splitting the cost between everyone. That way you know everything will be at the party and you don’t have to run to the store just when the party is getting started because Sally didn’t let you know that she couldn’t make it {and since she couldn’t make it the materials she was supposed to bring doesn’t make it either}. Remember to include any brushes or paint trays {paper plates are great for this} that you might need. These are all items you’ll need to provide depending on the project you pick.

5. Costs

Add up all the materials you had to buy then divide that by the number of people, including yourself, that will be attending the party. That will give you the cost per person. It’s a good idea to make everyone pay BEFORE you host the party. You can do this a number of ways.

  • meet up with cash

  • mail a check

  • Paypal

  • Facebook pay

  • a number of other money accepting apps

6. Setting up

If not renting space you need to be sure you have enough seating for everyone. If you don’t have enough you can buy tables/chairs pretty inexpensively or you can always rent them from a local party rental company. I suggest using drop cloths for table covering as they are think and absorb spills but if it’s not in the budget plastic table coverings work well too. You might look into supplying aprons or ask your guests to bring their own. I am a very messy crafter and without an apron I wouldn’t have any clothes that aren’t covered in paint. Here are the black aprons I use for my craft business. They have held up extremely well and nothing has yet to get through them.

7. Drinks

What’s a craft party without drinks? Ask everyone to bring in their favorite adult beverage. This will not only make for great conversations but this will ensure that everyone has a drink they like.

If you want to make your next party even easier try one of our craft kits or this paint party kit from Amazon.

Remember to have fun! Don’t go overboard on the details. I’ve found the less I stress about the small details of a party the more fun I have. So if you forget something it’s ok, it’s not the end of the world and it could just make your party even more fun and interesting with having to improvise a little.

How to host an Adutl Pinterest party

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