Glass etching the easy way

Learn how to etch glass the easy way

One of my most favorite gifts my husband and I received when we got married were a set of personalized glasses. Someone, whom I had never met because she was an old friend of my father in law’s, took the time to make such a meaningful gift for us. I thought she must have some fancy equipment to make such a fancy gift but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

A couple years we were married I got my very first Cricut. The ones that exclusively used the cartridges to cut {if they did hook up to a computer I had no idea because that was WELL before our computer owning days lol}. Those were the days…not really I’m super thankful for the ease of use the current Cricut system offers. Anyway over the years I have experimented like a mad women with all the things I can make using my wonderful cutting machine. And I was happy to learn of an amazing product I could buy that would chemically etch glass and do any design that I cut a stencil for! Heck yes!

I tried it out and I was amazed by it’s powers lol! It’s called AMOR ETCH. It’s a little pricey BUT it will last you forever. I have etched so many things since and I have to say they are one of my most favorite personalized gifts to make. A few things I’ve made with the etching cream are, wine glasses, mason jars, whisky glasses, glass picture frames, vases and I’m sure way more but I just can’t recall them all.



Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and always remember this is a chemical so always put safety first.

Here’s what you’ll need

Check out the Facebook live I did showing you step by step how to create your own glass etchings at home.

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