Fresh strawberry shortcake recipe

Easy & simple strawberry pound cake, made with freshly pick strawberries

Fresh strawberries, they are way too good to pass up! That’s why every year we take our four daughters and do some berry picking of our own. If you’ve never been you have to add this to your bucket list! Here in the Midwest there are lots of family owned farms that are less than an hour from us so we have a lot to choose from {but our favorite is Fahrmeier’s Farms. We stumbled across them several years ago and have loved making memories there with our family ever since! If you don’t know of any local farms in your area doing a quick search on social media is a great way to find them.

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Fresh strawberry shortcake recipe, Megan plus FIVE

We always get home with way too many strawberries and we always make a big batch of strawberry shortcake. Although we don’t make a traditional shortcake, we serve our strawberries over a fresh loaf of pound cake. I promise, it’s even more delicious than the shortcake {or the angel food cake that my parents always served it over}.

For this recipe you’ll need

  • 8lbs of fresh just picked strawberries preferably handpicked at your local farm but if you can’t get fresh from the farm fresh strawberries from your local grocer will work too ;).

  • 1 1/2 cups of sugar

  • mixing bowl

  • big spoon

I promise this is sooooo super easy. Wash and slice each berry. If there are brown spots on them you can just cut them off and the rest of the berry should be just fine. As you cut, toss the berries in your mixing bowl. I’m not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination so I just cut them into bit sized pieces. I’m sure any foodie watching me slice these strawberries would probably fall down at the lack of keeping the pieces equal….but I’m a momma of 4 and I have better things to focus on than my strawberry pieces being equal lol!

Homemade Strawberry shortcake recipe, made with fresh strawberries

Add in your 1 1/2 cups of sugar. If you don’t want as much liquid, you can reduce the amount of sugar. We like ours to be super juicy so we can soak the leftover pound cake up in it. YUM! Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Homemade strawberry shortcake recipe, made with fresh strawberries

While your strawberry mixture is in the fridge you can make the pound cake. We don’t make this from scratch but we do prefer to make it versus buying a premade one. Premade ones at the bakery tend to be a bit pricey. We find our pound cake box mix at Aldi and it is super delicious!

Homemade strawberry shortcake recipe, made with fresh strawberries and pound cake

I don’t add anything extra to this recipe, just follow the instructions that come on the box.

Fresh strawberry shortcake recipe, pioneer women whisk

A little side note, if you’re like our family and go through whisks like crazy {idk why we are so hard on these wonderful gadgets} try The Pioneer Women balloon whisk. I’m super frugal but I was tired of buying a new whisk every few months because we use them so often in the kitchen and they just fall apart. So I spent a few more dollars and picked this one up and we love it! It’s super sturdy and you will thank yourself just like I did.

Fresh straweberry pound cake recipe, Aldi brand pound cake box

After your pound cake is completely cooled it should slip right out of the pan. We use glass bakeware for the majority of our baking needs vs metal.

Homemade strawberry shortcake recipe, made with pound cake

And that’s it. Super easy, the hardest part is having to wait till it’s done to eat it!

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