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How to make your own unfinished wood pumpkin cutout using a scroll saw & scrap wood

Are you like me and have a TON of scrap wood on the wood pile? instead of tossing them in the burn pile why not make an unfinished wood pumpkin cutout? I always have a ton of scraps and this DIY craft blank is a great way to use up some of those old pieces of wood.

I decided to make these adorable free standing wood pumpkin cutouts. They turned out even cuter than I imagined they would! So much that I added them to my DIY CRAFT KITS and they have been selling like crazy! Update to add: at this time I am no longer offering DIY craft kits due to material unavailability and cost increases.

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unfinished wood pumpkins craft kit


How to use your Cricut and Ryobi scroll saw to make free standing wood pumpkins

Here’s what you need

If you’re not in the reading mood skip to the bottom to catch the video tutorial 😉


First you want to cut out your pumpkins on cardstock. You can free hand them on your scrap wood pieces but honestly getting the sides even isn’t really a strong suit of mine lol. I used some scrap pieces of cardstock I had on hand to cut these out on.


After you cut your templates out trace them on your scrap pieces.

tracing cardstock pumpkin template pattern on scrap wood


Next, making sure you are following the manufactures instructions, cut out the pumpkins you just traced using your scroll saw. If you’ve never used a scroll saw before this is a pretty easy project to start get some practice with. It’s a lot like using a sew machine. Just remember to go slow and the more you do it the better you will get at it.

using a scroll saw to make unfinished wood pumpkin cutouts


After you have your scrap pumpkins cut out you’ll want to give them a light sanding. Try not to sand the bottoms too much as you don’t want the surface to get uneven so they won’t be able to stand.

stack of unfinished wood pumpkins from scrap wood lumber


After you have them sanded you can stain, paint, or decorate them however you want to match them to your décor.

These little guys are perfect for

  • your own décor

  • gift giving

  • Thanksgiving Day hostess present

  • ladies craft night

  • mom and me craft {my four daughters and I painted these on a facebook live and they turned out adorable!}

  • so much more

The possibilities are endless on how you can decorate these hand cut wood pumpkins.


Finished easy to paint fall with raffia bows pumpkins made from unfinished wood pumpkin cutouts


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Check out the VIDEO tutorial below.

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How to make your own unfinished wood pumpkin cutout using a scroll saw & scrap wood
Total Time30 mins
Cost: $



  • Cut out cardstock pumpkin template
  • Trace on scrap piece of wood
  • Cut out using a scroll saw
  • Sand smooth with orbit sander

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