How to DIY a reclaimed wood picture holder

DIY reclaimed wood picture holder

Have a scrap piece of wood? Make a DIY reclaimed wood picture holder with your scrap pieces.

This scrap reclaimed wood picture holder was insanely easy to make. While I love painting there was no painting, no drying times, no staining, literally no fuss! I had it up and holding pictures within minutes.

Using silver metal Dollar Tree push pin office supply clip to attach to a reclaimed piece of barn wood. Photos in the background

I’ve been redecorating our master bedroom on a shoestring budget. From the paint to the décor my goal is to spend less than $100 to redo our bedroom. This DIY craft most definitely fits into the budget since I only had to pay for the photo prints (they were a whopping .09 apiece).

I can’t wait to get our room all finished up and show you guys how it turns out but for now, I will show you the DIY picture holder I made to go along with the rest of my frugal décor in our room.

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Here’s what you need to make your own DIY reclaimed wood picture holder

Reclaimed wood picture frame

easy to make picture frame from a scrap piece of wood



Click here to learn how to attach a sawtooth hanger. It’s super simple especially if you have a piece of painter’s tape


I didn’t have any sawtooth hangers so I used some fancy picture-hanging hardware and it required a drill.

Ryobi drill with a drill bit, picture hanging hardware, push pin office supply clips from the dollar tree, scrap piece of barn wood on a weathered white washed background


To be sure I had the spacing right I laid my 4×6 photos out on my reclaimed wood. I just eyeballed this but if you want yours to be perfect and exact you can use your tape measure to perfect your spacing.


The clips I used already had nails attached to them. They were a little difficult to hammer into the wood though. I am fairly certain, since the clips I used were in the office department of the store, that they were made to push into a corkboard and not wood. But hey, it worked!

Using silver metal Dollar Tree push pin office supply clip to attach to a reclaimed piece of barn wood. Photos in the background


If you need a visual on how to attach a sawtooth hanger check out this post. I used my Ryobi drill to screw in my hardware but a drill isn’t completely necessary, a screwdriver will work too it’s just not as quick and easy.

Ryobi drill used to attach picture hanging hardware onto the backside of a reclaimed piece of weathered barn wood. White wash wood background


This reclaimed wood photo holder is going in our master bedroom so I tried to choose photos that were good ones of both my husband and myself.

Set of 3 three colored photos hanging vertically on a reclaimed weathered piece of bard wood. On a mast bedroom light gray tan wall for a simple personalized look for a room.

I hope you found this tutorial both simple and motivating to use up some scrap pieces of wood that you may have lying around. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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