Leaning rustic front porch ‘oh hello’ sign + FREE SVG

Oh hello leaning front porch sign + FREE SVG

Looking for a leaning porch sign idea? This DIY rustic sign has been a big hit on my old front porch and I want to share with you how EASY it was to create.

The other day I shared with you how I turned a rusty old metal locker / cabinet into a storage for our muddy shoes on our sunporch. I had picked up that rusted gem at a local antique store for just $20! I had no idea when I bought that chipped old farmhouse-looking piece that it would actually serve our home double-duty! Now I have a mudroom shoe organizer and a leaning porch sign with very little effort and it didn’t hurt my wallet.

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rustic farmhouse leaning porch sign. Sign reads oh hello in painted black lettering. Sign is made from an old rusty metal locker door and is leaning against light yellow siding. Sign is next to a wooden porch bench with a buffalo plaid checkered print pillow and a black metal rusty bucket of spring purple and orange flowers.

Here’s what the metal cabinet looked like when I picked it up from the antique store.

sidewalk sale at an antique store storefront. Rusty white chipped paint metal locker, old windows, old fence panel, brick wall behind the vintage items.

And here’s what I repurposed it into. So perfect for our family’s muddy shoes on the sunporch!

old chipped paint rusty vintage locker repurposed into a mudroom shoe organizer. There are 3 pairs of mud rain boots, pair of blue crocs, red table with a fern. Walls are painted yellow and floor is hardwood

When I bought the vintage cabinet it had a broken door hinge so I had to remove it. Thankfully, it took little effort to get it off of the locker, I just had to lift it up and off of the pin. I’m so glad I saved it so I could make this rustic porch sign with it.


chippy paint metal white porch sign. Black metal bucket propped at the bottom of the welcome porch sign. Bucket is filled with purple and yellow flowers. Porch is painted in a dark green.

What you need to make farmhouse porch signs:

DIY rustic front porch sign

make your own rustic farmhouse porch sign with easy to use stencils + FREE SVG
Total Time1 hour
Cost: $


  • CUT OUT LETTERS- use Cricut or another cutting machine to cut the OH HELLO SVG from thick cardstock
  • ARRANGE LETTERS & TRACE- arrange letters on the metal sign then trace with a sharpie
  • PAINT- use outdoor paint and a small artist paintbrush to apply paint inside the letters
  • DRY- allow to air dry or use a heat gun to speed up the drying process
  • 2ND COAT OF PAINT- once the 1st coat of paint is dry apply a 2nd coat of paint for more coverage. Allow to dry then display on your front porch

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You can grab the same oh hello SVG that I used in my free resource library. That’s where I keep all of my printables, cut files, and more for my readers to use free of charge <3!

Cardstock was a great choice for a stencil medium on this DIY craft project. I was afraid if I used a sticky back stencil (like used on this other leaning porch sign) would remove a lot of the paint and rust that was already on the metal door.

SVG in Cricut Design Space canvas that reads oh hello in colorful letters


  • break the SVG up into smaller sections with the slicing feature
  • use a shape on the left side of DS to slice SVG’s
  • color coordinate the different sections so you can see the sections better

To cut them out I used 12”x12” cardstock. If my cut image was larger than 12” I just butted two pieces together and taped the seam. Click here to see how I do this on another project.


After my letters were cut out I decided which end I wanted to be the top…then I did the opposite of that lol I placed my door on one side of my table then went to the other side to arrange my letters, total facepalm moment.

It turned out SO CUTE even with that mess up. I left more blank space toward the bottom of the sign so that I would have room to place a plant at the base if I wanted without hiding the first letter.

woman is arranging cardstock letter cutouts on a rusty white chipped paint metal locker door to make a painted lettered sign

I recommend using sharpie for tracing your letters. For me, a pen was not heavy or dark enough to see on the metal door. It was brown but the black paint covered it perfectly!

woman is using a sharpie to trace red cardstock letter cutouts onto an old rusty white chipped paint metal locker door to make a sign. There is a bottle of black outdoor paint on the craft table and two artist paintbrushes


I had a bottle of old outdoor paint, like 3 years old, and used that to paint my sign. I used a small round-tipped brush to outline the letters but also fill them in as I went along.

woman is using black outdoor paint to paint inside the traced lines of letters onto a rusty white chipped paint metal locker cabinet door. She is using an artist paintbrush and has a paint tray with black paint in the center. Pile of cardstock letter stencils on the craft table.

4. DRY

Like with most of the DIY’s I do for around my house I needed this one to be quick and easy. I’m a busy momma to four girls and we had a movie to catch at the theatre so I used my heat gun to speed up the dry time.

woman is using a yellow heat gun to dry the painted letters oh hello on her rusty chipped paint cabinet door front porch sign


After the first coat dried I realized the lettering needed a little more coverage. This went much faster than the first coat. Then I used my heat gun to dry it again.

woman is using black outdoor paint to paint inside the traced lines of letters onto a rusty white chipped paint metal locker cabinet door. She is using an artist paintbrush and has a paint tray with black paint in the center. Pile of cardstock letter stencils on the craft table.

I’m super impatient so I put my sign out as soon as that second coat was dry.

I still can’t believe how gorgeous this front porch sign turned out. When I purchased the old locker I had no plans to use its rusty old door. Now, I’m so in love with it!

I hope you enjoyed this crafty tutorial. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below.

Happy Crafting!


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