DIY how to make 2×4 wood candy corn

DIY 2x4 candy corn, how to make easy primitive fall decor


How to make your own set of rustic DIY wood candy corn for fall using 2×4’s

DIY primitive candy corn, aren’t they soooo cute?! The last couple of years have been a little busier than normal at our house and I haven’t been decorating for the holidays like I normally do. So this summer I decided I’m going to make time to get back into the festive decorating. And with that I need to make lots of new pieces to decorate the seasons with. Including these adorable wood candy corn. Check out this fun TRICK OR TREAT shelf sitter set I made a few weeks ago.

I’ve had these on my craft to do list for a looooong time and just hadn’t made time to make myself a set. And now I do! I LOVE them! They turned out even better than I thought they were going to! And I can keep them up for the entire fall season.

DIY easy primitive wood 2x4 candy corn for your fall decorations

How to make your own set of primitive candy corn from a 2×4

If you don’t have the space or tools to DIY this from start to finish you can get one of my easy CANDY CORN CRAFT KIT. Everything you need to make these at home is included in your own candy corn craft kit.

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DIY CRAFT KIT CANDY CORN, how to make your own rustic wood candy corn decor


If you want to make them from scratch here’s what you’ll need


1.CUT 2X4’S

First cut your pieces into 4”, 5.5”, & 7” lengths. The angles I cut: 4”= 15°, 5.5”= 10°, 7”=10°. After you cut them give them a quick sanding. You don’t want to sand them super smooth as this will take away so much of the wood’s natural character. Be sure to wipe away the sawdust with a lint free cloth after you sand your candy corn.

Use a miter saw to cut 2x4 into candy corn shapes
Use a Ryobi orbit sander to smooth the edges of raw wood


Now paint all three with a thin coat of orange paint.

women painting 2x4 triangles with orange acrylic paint


After the orange paint dries paint the bottoms yellow. You will likely need 2 coats for this. Let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat.

women painting 2x4's with yellow stripes using acrylic paint


Now, paint the tops white. Paint two of white acrylic paint allowing it to dry between.

women painting 2x4 with yellow, orange, and white stripes with acrylic paint


Using 120 grit sand paper you start distressing after the candy corn are dry. Focus on the edges, corners, and lightly sand the fronts and sides. Wipe the dust away with a lint free cloth.

women distressing wood in her craft room with a sanding sponge


Now you can apply your antiquing wax. A little bit of wax goes a VERY long way. Focus on the edges, corners, and lightly go over the front and back of the candy corn. TIP: if you trim your chip brush down a little you will get a more stiff brush that you can better control your wax with.

women applying antiquing wax to wood

If you don’t like the look of the antiquing wax you can opt for a clear wax. Antiquing wax is a favorite of mine! You can see the difference it makes. Check out my DIY American Flag tutorial where I use this same dark wax.

women making wood candy corn decor

Now you’re ready to display them! I am soooo happy with the way these little 2×4 candy corns turned out {I think that’s the plural from lol}! Fall craft projects are my favorite and I can’t wait to create more.

DIY candy corn decorations. How this mom made her own from a scrap 2x4

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  1. Can you share how you shipped these? We are doing this for our adoption and I’m concerned that if I don’t do shipping right I’m gonna end up losing profit to put towards our adoption. Our social worker shared your blog with everyone in our group so there might be 700 of us coming your way. ❤️

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