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Print your own bible tabs from home using this free printable pdf

Need a free bible tab printable? I was looking all over Pinterest for DIY bible tabs and didn’t really find exactly what I was looking for with my budget. Then it hit me ‘Megan, why don’t you just make your own?!’ And so I did.

feminine and floral bible tab printable free pdf

These are permanent bible tabs, so if you want something you can change out you can still use my bible tab printable you’ll just want to attach it using a different technique.

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I used muted colors on the tabs with varied cursive fonts, simple florals and accent lines. Some of the tabs I’ve seen are gorgeous but they are a little hard to read with the busy background prints that are on them. I went for a more classic feminine look.


free pdf bible tab printable


Most of the DIY bible tabs I’ve come across were going to cost me more money than I wanted to spend. I wanted to use materials I already had at home. I have already spent more money than I realized on new bibles, covers, and bible friendly markers for me and my girls so buying bible tab labels just seemed a little overload when it was something I could do myself.

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Here’s what you need

Click here to get my free bible tab printable

This free download comes in two parts: pages 1&2 and page 3. Because the file is print quality it is larger than normal files that I upload and the fact that it’s three pages and not one. So be sure you click to download all three pages.

she is far more precious than jewels, Proverbs 31 free pdf printable

I used to create my labels in. Then I printed them off on my simple hp home printer. I also used these same tools create and print this FREE PROVERBS 31 PRINTABLE to put in my girl’s lounge area.

After I had all three pages of tabs printed off I used my Swingline paper cutter to cut and separate all the little tabs. Having this inexpensive tool has made my life so much easier! I never realized how often I needed to cut straight lines till I had this office tool.

{side note…don’t mind my paint stained sweatshirt. I had been painting earlier that day and I always try to wear old paint clothes because as you can see I tend to be slightly messy sometimes when I paint}

using a paper cutter to cut bible tabs

I made muted colored squares to go around each of the labels so that they are much easier to cut.

using a paper cutter to cut bible tabs

To make it easier to find my printed bible tabs I put them in alphabetical order…well kinda, I grouped them in order. Then I started in Genesis and worked my way to the end of the bible adding tabs.

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Another great thing about these tabs is that they are double sided. You can see the labels on the front and the back. To apply them the easiest way fold the tab in half first then open it back up. This way you will have a crease already on the tab making it easier to fold over once it’s on your bible.

feminine paper bible tabs

I used packaging tape but you can use whatever tape you prefer. This tape wouldn’t be my go to but it was what I had on hand so that’s what I used. I took a piece of tape then placed my unfolded tab face down on the sticky side.

using tape to apply bible tabs
diy bible tabs easy to apply

Then I trimmed off the extra excess tape around my bible tab. I left just enough so I could attach it to my bible page.

using tape to apply tabs to a bible
using tape to apply tabs to a bible

This part was a little tricky and honestly I probably should have taken more time to get these on there so they were precise. But then again I’m not really a precise, perfect kind of girl so this process fit me perfectly! I eyeballed my tabs and stuck them on their coordinating book of the bible. I placed them on the backside of the page first.

DIY how to apply tabs to a bible

Next, I pressed the bible tab over so that the page was sandwiched in between.

DIY how to apply bible tabs

I placed all of my tabs on the right side of the books of the bible. So if a book started on the left side I still placed the bible tab on the right hand side.

muted colors bible tabs with cursive font

So glad I took the time to create and add these bible tabs to my bible. Having these easy to print bible tabs will make it so much easier to get familiar with the word at church and at home.

Floral bible cover and feminine bible tabs

I hope this affordable bible tab option works for your needs. If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

Happy Crafting!


use this free pdf to print off and add tabs to your Bible
Total Time1 hour
Cost: $



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  1. Love your bible tabs and how to pages for them..I was unable to download..there was a notice that they were removed..where can I download them?? Please..I need them for bibled for study and church service

    1. Hey Deana! Thank you for the kind words! You can download the bible tabs on my website in the resource library. They are pulling up for me when I click on the links, the two links are side by side with no spacers in between. Let me know if you still have issues opening these files.

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