DIY Dollar Tree fall leaf garland

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Garland, easy craft tutorial to make your own rustic decor for the holidays

I just can’t get enough of fall décor! Especially when it literally costs me less than $3 to DIY! My four daughters and I went to the Dollar Tree last week to pick up some things for the oldest daughter’s friend for her birthday {see the fun dollar tree inspired birthday gift we made for her } and of course they had some of their Halloween and fall things out. So naturally we HAD to buy a few things to make some DIY rustic décor and a fun Halloween wreath that I can’t wait to start on. I’ve been on a DIY frenzy trying to get all my fall décor made before school starts back up. The last couple of years have had me so busy I didn’t decorate much for fall…or Christmas for that matter {aside from the traditional tree and stockings}. So this year I am making it my mission to bring the holiday explosion to our home, and I’m doing it the frugal way.

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How to make your own Dollar Tree Rae Dunn inspired fall burlap garland

How to make your own Rae Dunn inspired fall burlap garland

Here’s what you need to make your own FALL burlap garland

How to make your on Rae Dunn INSPIRED fall garland from the Dollar Tree

Cut out your stencils. I used a skinny type font and my Cricut Design Space. I made them 2.5” tall and cut them out of cardstock. Before cutting them out I made a line in the “A” so that the middle would stay attached while stenciling and I just free hand painted that small part in once I was done.

Remove the wire “stems” from the burlap leaves. For me, the brown ones peeled away super easy but the orange ones didn’t want to come off without taking the burlap with it. So, I used wire cutters on the orange ones.

Because these Dollar Tree burlap leaves are the exact same size you will want to trim up the brown ones so that you have and orange border going around them once you are finished. Just take a small amount off the edge, following the shape of the leaf.

How to make Rae Dunn inspired fall garland on a budget, from the Dollar Tree

Paint the brown burlap leaves white, even the back. The medium sized brush works great for this step. Let dry.

How to make Rae Dunn inspired fall garland on a budget, from the Dollar Tree

After the white paint is dry you can stencil on your FALL letters. I just held my in place and used a pouncing motion like I did on this stenciled canvas tote bag. Take care not to get outside the cardstock lines. If you need to you can use painter’s tape to tape the stencil off so you won’t have any bleed lines {just don’t press the tape down too much so it doesn’t mess up the work you’ve already done 😉 }

How to make Rae Dunn inspired fall garland on a budget, from the Dollar Tree

Once your stenciled area is dry you can glue the white burlap leaves onto the orange burlap leaves. I only applied glue to the center of the white leaves. I didn’t want them to be completely glued down all the way around.

How to make your own Rae Dunn inspired Fall garland from the dollar tree

Measure out how long you need your burlap to be then add a few inches so you can loop the ends to hang. Attach your leaves with the mini clothes pins, or you can hot glue the burlap leaves directly on the twine.

How to make your own Rae Dunn inspired burlap leaf garland using items from the Dollar Tree

Then you’re all done! SOOO super easy! And it was super inexpensive! Pair this with these rustic candy corns made from a 2×4 or this DOLLAR TREE painted pumpkin DIY makeover.

How to make your own rustic Rae Dunn inspired fall garland on a budget

Check out the full video tutorial to these Rae Dunn inspired DIY burlap Dollar Tree FALL garland


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