DIY CRAFT KIT how to paint your free standing BOO wood cutouts

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I just love these little wood cutouts. They are so adorable and tie in perfectly with our simple Halloween décor. I primarily decorate for fall but I do like to add touches of Halloween to our decorations because I have little kiddos and they LOVE the Halloween stuff far more than the traditional fall décor. So we compromise and get the best of both worlds.

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Don’t feel like reading the tutorial? No worries I have a short video tutorial on my YouTube channel. Scroll to the bottom to catch it or click here to view the HOW TO PAINT YOUR CRAFT KIT, DIY BOO WOOD CUTOUTS

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DIY Halloween CRAFT KIT for adults. How to make BOO wood letters for your Halloween or fall decorations


If you want to make yours from scratch check out this post on how to make your own BOO WOOD CUTOUTS using a Cricut cutting machine and a Ryobi scroll saw. I show you exactly how I make my BOO cutout sets and if you have the tools you can make your own too! There’s even a video tutorial at the end ;)!

How to paint your BOO wood cutouts

If you didn’t but the DIY CRAFT KIT here’s what you’ll need

Real quick…if you have ever wanted to learn how to paint wood signs, the way the PROs do, you don’t want to miss my complete guide to sign painting. It is a whole course that you complete on your time. I am teaching you EVERYTHING I know without you having to go through the headache and expense of trial and error. If you’ve struggled with paint bleed, designs not lining up, paint peel up, sticky residue left behind you are in for a treat! Click on the image below or go here for more info.


how to paint wood signs , a complete guide to sign painting


First you want to decide if you want to paint white or black letters. Heck, you could even mix it up and do both! I chose to do white ghosts but I wanted black distressing on my cutouts. There are lots of different ways to achieve this look but my favorite is to paint the distressing color first then paint my project whatever color I want it to actually be.

So on these BOO cutouts I first painted them with a SUPER thin layer of black paint {remember this is going to be the underneath/distressed color}.

How to paint your adult DIY CRAFT KIT, BOO wood cutouts for Halloween.

After the underneath color is dry you can paint your wood cutouts the actual color you want them to be.

Some important things to know:

  • use a VERY LIGHT hand when painting the top color. You do not want to press hard as this will put too much paint on your wood cutouts and it is far easier to add more paint than it is to take too much paint off.

  • do NOT get your brush wet. For almost all of my paint projects I always use a DRY brush.

  • use very little paint, dab off excess paint before applying

  • work from the middle out

  • paint lightly around the edges as this is where the “natural” wear would be

  • if you need a little more coverage wait till your paint is dry then add more paint

Paint all sides of each cutout this way.

How to paint your adult DIY CRAFT KIT, BOO wood cutouts for Halloween.

Trace around your cardstock cutouts. You will have a total of 5 – 2 cutouts for the letter B and 3 cutouts for the ghosts {you will reuse the ghost cutouts for both ghosts}. Place them where they need to go on your cutouts then trace around them with a pencil. This does not have to be perfect ;)!

How to paint your adult DIY CRAFT KIT, BOO wood cutouts for Halloween.

Using a fine paintbrush paint inside the traced lines with the same colored paint you used for your distressing color. I used black for my distressing color so I also used black for areas I traced around.

How to paint your adult DIY CRAFT KIT, BOO wood cutouts for Halloween.
How to paint your adult DIY CRAFT KIT, BOO wood cutouts for Halloween.

And then you’re done! If you have sandpaper on hand you can lightly give it a little more distressing but that is totally up to you.

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Check out the full video tutorial

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