DIY 4th of July rag wreath

DIY 4th of Julyl Rag Wreath, easy how to make your own

I love the shabby chic look for many reasons but mainly because that look is totally imperfect just like me. I’m a busy momma to four little girls so there’s no room in our beautiful chaos for absolute perfection.

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I needed a new wreath for our front door for the 4th of July. I have been truly slacking in the red, white, and blue décor the last few years and really needed a spruce up. But I didn’t have the time to make anything big and wonderful and it’s not in our budget to make a ton of new decorations. So I decided on a RAG WREATH for our front door and I’m so glad I did! If you like this tutorial check out the DIY spring rag wreath I made.

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DIY Fourth of July rag wreath

Here’s what you’ll need

  • 5 fat quarters of fabric, I found these at my local Walmart and even better I got a few of them in the clearance aisle!

  • wire wreath form, I found mine at Dollar Tree

  • scissors

If you love the big burlap bow go here ———-> to my HOW TO MAKE A BURLAP BOW tutorial.

Working with one fat quarter at a time, unfold and don’t worry about the creases. You won’t be able to see these. Going along the bottom make a small cut every .75”-1”. If you want your tie pieces to be larger make your cuts farther apart.

DIY 4th of July rag wreath

Now rip each of those cuts all the way to the other end using your hands, not your scissors. This will give your fabric a frayed looked.

DIY 4th of July rag wreath

After you have all your small cuts ripped cut each strip into 3rds like the picture below. Because I am a far cry from a perfectionist none of mine were the same size. If you like things a little more perfect than this you can measure these out.

Repeat these steps for ALL the fabric quarters.

DIY Fourth of July rag wreath

After you have all your pieces ripped and cut into thirds start tying them to your wire wreath form. To make sure I had enough fabric to cover the entire wire form I moved to the next section before it was full and did that for all the sections. Then I went around and filled in the blank spaces.

DIY 4th of July rag wreath

DIY 4th of July rag wreath

Be sure you are staggering out your fabric prints. You don’t want too many of the same print in one spot.

DIY 4th of July rag wreath

You can leave it plain and simple or tie a bow to it like the burlap bow I tied to this one.

DIY 4th of July rag wreath

What do you think? Super adorable and SUPER easy to DIY at home!

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