Cricut beginner? 10 must-haves to get you started crafting.


If you’re a Cricut beginner here’s a list of 10 must-have supplies and accessories every newbie will need.

New to Cricut? Well, welcome to the CRICUT crafting world! I know when you first get your machine it can be SUPER overwhelming. With all the amazing projects that are out there, it’s so hard to figure out what you should buy. Are you going to be paper crafting? Vinyl crafting? T-shirt making? Sign making? SOOOOOO many things to decide. But no matter which path your crafty heart wants to take these 10 craft accessories and supplies will set you up for success.

salmon colored Cricut cutting machine cutting blue transparent oramask 813 stencil film in a craft room

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And it doesn’t matter which Cricut machine you use, an Explore or a Maker, these craft supplies will work perfectly with both Cricut cutting machines. At this moment in time, I currently use an older model Cricut Explore for my crafting needs. Cricut continues to come out with AMAZING crafting machines I can not bring myself to purchase a new one. My old machines work great for now.

If you get to a point where you are crafting like crazy you might want to look into where you can buy things you use often in bulk. Here’s how I save lots of money on stencil film for my handmade business.

10 supplies you need to start creating with your Cricut

Cricut explore cutting machine
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Cricut beginner supplies & accessories

If you’re new to Cricut crafting here’s a list of 10 must have supplies and accessories every beginner will need.
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  • Enjoy crafting & creating with your Cricut machine. The most important thing is that you're having fun! If you have any questions about using your vinyl cutting machine please reach out. I'll be happy to help any way that I can.


Being a Cricut beginner it’s hard to tell which color mat you need. These are a must have no matter what type of project you are planning to cut out using your Cricut machine. Cricut has several different mat options and thankfully they are color coded to make crafting even easier for us.

I personally use a green mat for most of my DIY craft projects but I also have a purple and pink mat on hand for when I need them. Here’s a project I used my CRICUT PURPLE MAT to cut out faux leather hair bows for my youngest daughter’s Valentine’s Day cards. It worked great for that type of material.


You must have a xacto knife to use with your Cricut projects. This is the most versatile tool I have in my craft room. I actually prefer using a xacto knife when weeding my designs vs using a Cricut weeding tool. And they are super inexpensive and you can pick one up almost anywhere. You can also use this to cut tiny spots in a design that your Cricut may have slipped on during the cutting process.


This is typically used when applying vinyl but you can also use them to smooth out paper projects too. There are several different sizes when buying these squeegees. I use my vinyl squeegee mostly for making my wooden signs but I use it for other non-vinyl projects as well.


Cardstock is a must-have to keep in any craft room in my opinion. Of course, it’s great to create beautiful cards but cardstock has a purpose beyond that too. It is so much thicker than regular paper that it’s great for using for patterns. I use cardstock all the time to cut out different shapes to trace onto wood then I cut them out using my scroll saw. Check out these adorable pumpkins I made using my Cricut and my scroll saw. I also used cardstock to help make this light up fairy jar.

As a Cricut beginner, you’ll want something affordable to practice different cuts on and cardstock is very cheap. I highly recommend stocking up when the big box craft stores have their cardstock sales. This is what I do. Having crafting little girls we go through a LOT of cardstock every year.


This is just a must-have for crafting in general. But I do suggest having a different pair of scissors for the different materials you will be using. One for each of the following: paper crafts, heat transfer vinyl, regular vinyl and for fabric, etc. Unless you have kids then, pretty much all of the scissors for good for all the things ;)!


Vinyl, there are several different options here. I won’t go super deep about their differences in this post but you can use vinyl for many different projects: t-shirt designs, decals on cars and cups, sign making, labeling your pantry and so much more. You can buy bundles of different types of vinyl. This is a great way to have something on hand just in case you have the crafty need to create something that requires a certain type of vinyl.

  • HTVused on fabric and comes with its own transfer sheet
  • ORACAL 651permanent grade vinyl that is suitable for outdoors up to 6 years
  • ORACAL 631 removable vinyl typically used wall decals
  • ORAMASK 813translucent blue material used for stenciling


Transfer tape is generally great for vinyl type projects. It is a carrier sheet to get your vinyl design off of its paper backing and onto the base you are placing it on. I know it can be really difficult deciding which transfer tape will be the exact one you should use, I have battled with this myself. Here are couple things to know, a stronger high tack transfer tape is best for permanent grade vinyl. It takes a stronger tack to lift the vinyl up off of the paper backing. Stenciling material can be removed from its paper backing a little easier since the grip on that isn’t as strong as a permanent grade vinyl. Here’s what I recommend:


This is a must if you are doing any kind of paper crafting. Glue tape is quick and easy and gives a better overall finish than using wet glues. There are several different options for glue tape out there. Just like with anything they range from super inexpensive to a little more expensive.


Did you know that your Cricut machine can also write? With the Cricut pens. writing with them is a breeze. You can do all kinds of projects with these markers including making personalized coloring sheets for your kiddos. I don’t know about the new Cricut Maker but the older Explore, which is what I use to create all of my crafty projects, you use a pen adapter to use these with your machine. This is a great starter project for the Cricut beginner.


Cricut Access is a must if you plan on creating projects at least once a month. I have had it since I first began my journey as a Cricut beginner, well over 10 years now and with four kids that is a big winner for those reasons alone! With the Cricut Access membership plan you get access to THOUSANDS of images, fonts, ready-made projects, and you also get a discount when you order products from the Cricut website. And a bonus because you can add your discount to their sale prices! WOOHOO!

There is so much more to share but these are basic supplies to get you started on your Cricut crafting journey. If you have anything you’d add or anything you have questions about please leave a comment below.

10 must haves to get started using your cricut. What you should buy when you are just starting out using your Cricut cutting machine. Tips to using a Cricut when you are new to vinyl cutting.

15 thoughts on “Cricut beginner? 10 must-haves to get you started crafting.

  1. 5 stars
    My daughter and I just purchased and received our first ever Cricut machine (maker). We’re so excited to start our crafting journey, but never thought that this was going to be so overwhelming. I stumbled onto your website and all I can say is THANK YOU for taking the time out of your busy day (I know you’re busy….my daughter has 3 girls. That makes me a gma of 3…..and that keeps me super busy) to help us Cricut newbies out with your helpful tips, tricks, ideas and even the free and library SVG’s! You are a godsend!!

    1. Oh my goodness you have no idea how wonderful your comment was to read <3 !! Thank you for such kind and heartfelt words.
      Love that you are a girl grandma!
      If you have any additional questions about your crafting journey don't hesitate to ask. I know it can be insanely frustrating when projects aren't going as planned or the program you are using is being difficult. Have so much fun with your new Cricut maker!

  2. I just ordered my Cricut maker. But I didnt come with the engraving tips or housing. What tips do you recommend me to start off with?

    1. Hey Monica! So exciting!! I do not own a Maker (yet…I’m so eager to buy one but my other machines work perfectly fine so I haven’t bought one yet) so I have not used these. However, I looked on Cricut’s website and found this. I think this is what you will need: CRICUT ENGRAVING TIPS & HOUSING I hope this referral link helps:)

  3. 5 stars
    Like G. I too stumbled across this page. I am borrowing my Girlfriends Cricut to see if I want to invest in a machine. It is so wonderful finding this page to stimulate my creative side. I am a quilter for too many years, its time to explore another side of my crafting self. Thanks for taking the time to set up this site.

    1. Hey Kathleen! Thank you for the kind words. Sharing my DIY craft projects is such a passion of mine and I’m so grateful to you for taking the time to read what I write. Welcome to the Cricut world, I hope you enjoy this side of the crafty life ♥

  4. 5 stars
    Was so fortunate to get the Maker 3 for my birthday from my darling hubby. Just so overwhelming, so very grateful to have the basic list to get me started. Im sure Ill be a guru in no time wwith all the lovely people like you that have mastered the art. So excited to start !

    1. Ahhhh Anthea I’m SO excited for you!! Welcome to the world of Cricut crafting. Trust me though…we alllllll make mistakes even with years and years of Cricuting under our belts. Enjoy your gift and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ♥ !

  5. 5 stars
    My husband have me a cricut maker for my birthday. I was just watching videos from YouTube and reading blogs about it and not I cant wait to use it. I just done know where and how to start as I am sooo excited to begin my first ever project. I am so thankful that I found your site

    1. Happy Birthday, Lala!! So excited for your new Cricut adventure! I know it is intimidating when you first start using your Cricut. The more you use it the more you will get comfortable with it. Just remember any mistake you do is a learning experience ♥ !

  6. Hi There. I’m interested in buying a Cricut maker, and have some supplies given to me for the Cricut joy, would those accessories be interchangeable with the larger machines?

    1. Hi Lisa! Welcome to the world of Cricut! I do not have a Joy nor have I used one however from what I understand about the Joy is that it has its own line of accessories as far as blades, mats, and things like that go. But you can use the spatula, vinyl squeegee, weeding tools, and cutting materials with any of the machines. I hope that helps.

  7. Megan, I am trying to purchase a machine and press and was looking at the bundles and the maker verses maker 3. Can you please email or call me asap. I have a few questions and need input from someone that knows cricut. And I don’t know anyone that has one. I read your must haves and saved them on m y Amazon. Please message me I’d much rather talk if you don’t mind calling. 615-733-9539. Thank you so much

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