Building a tall craft desk on a budget

October 25, 2020

AMAZON CRAFT DESK HACK ON A BUDGET If you’re in the market to DIY your own tall craft desk you’ve likely seen all the GORGEOUS Ikea tall craft tables that are on Pinterest. Oh boy are they so pretty and clean looking! I have found myself almost drooling over them the last few months. The thing is my current craft…

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Replacing outdated porch lights

outdated brass colored front porch lights. Siding is light yellow in color. Front and screen doors are white.
August 24, 2020

REPLACING OUTDATED OUTDOOR PORCH LIGHTS ON A BUDGET Outdated porch lights are such an eyesore. My husband and I bought a super old house, it was built in 1900, that we have been slowly updating. Our first project was putting up a faux plank wall in one of the bedrooms. Even though we’ve only been here right at one month…

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Plank wall on a budget

old house with cracked walls. Attaching fake wood planks made from plywood to the wall to give the look of a shiplap wall.
August 13, 2020

FAUX PLANKED WALL DIY USING PLYWOOD Are you planning a new planked wall project? Want to know how to DIY A faux plank wall on a TIGHT budget? See how we spent less than $50 to plank a bedroom wall and learn what not to do so you don’t make the same mistakes we did our first time around. Recently…

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How to remove wallpaper, NO chemicals needed just steam

woman removing old outdated dark colored red and green checkered wallpaper from a wall
August 7, 2020

HOW TO EASILY REMOVE WALLPAPER WITHOUT A GIANT MESS OR CHEMICALS Wallpaper…you either love it or hate it. If you aren’t too hip on wallpaper and need to remove it from your home like we did then you have stumbled on the right post! My husband and I just bought our very first home! After looking for what felt like…

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