How I made super girly dinosaurs for my daughter’s bedroom

March 9, 2020

DIY GIRLY DINOSAURS My youngest daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs. But she’s also really into things that are sparkly, pink, and super girly! While we were taking a wonderful stroll around Hobby Lobby we came across this adorable dino display. It was full of these really cool signs, garland, figurines, and more. The only thing was that everything was dark…

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Easy popsicle stick picture frame for Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2020

We belong to a wonderful little program called Parents as Teachers. If you’ve never heard of this you can check out Parents as Teachers here. Every week our local PAT’s host a play group and during the holiday season they host themed groups with a fun party. This year they asked me again if I would help host the Valentine’s…

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DIY easy dinosaur claw gloves, simple sewing project

November 2, 2019

Halloween can be a tricky thing to plan for here in the Midwest. Some years we are blessed with AMAZING weather and we don’t have to fret with lots of layers. I have to say that is not what is typical here, although that would be pretty great! Most years we are bundled up with boots, wool socks, and coats.…

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Ultimate Dollar Tree birthday gift idea

August 3, 2019

The best kid’s birthday gift idea when you’re on a budget It’s no secret that my girls and I LOVE the dollar tree. Seriously, we were just there today and when we got home my oldest couldn’t believe that we spent and entire HOUR in there and it literally felt like only 20 minutes had past lol! Yep…raising those girls…

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How to stencil on a canvas bag

July 18, 2019

Learn how to stencil on a canvas bag Have you been wanting to learn how to stencil on a canvas tote? It’s actually super easy! Make it an even more fun with a DIY CANVAS TOTE PAINT PARTY. I’ve put together this DIY canvas bag craft kit to make it even easier. There’s no guess work for you. Just choose…

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How to TIE DYE using food coloring

July 16, 2019

LEARN HOW TO TIE DYE WITHOUT THE CHEMICALS Teach your kids the techniques of tie dying using food coloring For a long while now my girls have been wanting to try their hand at tie-dying so we thought why not make tie-dye red, white, and blue shirts for the 4th of July that was coming up. But there was one…

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5 awesome craft kits your kids will love

July 1, 2019

Craft kits kids will love Kids love to create. They have creativity coming out their ears it seems like. Back when we had our brick and mortar craft studio we would sell these kits like crazy! And now we have them online so kids all across the world can enjoy them. Don’t want to buy the kits but want to…

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DIY sensory activites your toddler will love

June 29, 2019

What is sensory play for toddlers? Sensory play is crucial for your child’s development. I’m not going to spout out all the scientific reasonings sensory play is huge for your toddler…because I am not a doctor or licensed in this field in any way. I am, however, a momma of 4 and have seen what it’s done for our own…

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10 fun crafts for preteens…from a preteen

June 12, 2019

FUN CRAFTS YOUR PRETEEN & TEENS WILL LOVE I don’t know about you but our three older girls love Pinterest. They always ask to pin on there and honestly I don’t mind because it gives me a little insight into what they are into. What sparks their interest. And I love to see the varied levels of interest from each…

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DIY Glittered Unicorn Jar

May 11, 2019

DIY UNICORN MASON JAR Looking for a fun UNICORN themed craft to do with your unicorn obsessed little one {or by yourself ;)}? These jars are such perfect little project! You can use them as a money bank, colored pencil holder, stick a battery operated candle inside to make a fun and unique night light or be like our girls…

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