Kids art party: How to plan a canvas BIRTHDAY PARTY (on a shoestring budget)

Planning a budget friendly canvas art party for your kiddo

Painting themed birthday parties are lots of fun but if you aren’t careful costs can add up quickly. Here are some tips from a seasoned momma on how to throw a canvas art party without breaking the bank.

children's tables set up for an art themed birthday party. Each setting has an apron, napkin, foam brush, paintbrush, water cup, paint tray with paint, drop cloth covering the tables and child sized chairs.


  • number of party guests
  • painting party supplies
  • work tables
  • aprons or old t-shirts
  • creativity
  • dessert table

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To keep costs down you could have a small party, just invite a few of your child’s closest friends/cousins. This does make for a less chaotic party time having fewer kids to tend to.


Art party supplies, the bulk of your budget. If you opt to host a smaller party you will have fewer supplies to purchase. Dollar Tree is a GREAT place to buy craft supplies for kids. Grab my free printable materials list here.

Must have art party supplies:

Some art party materials to get their creative juices flowing include:

  • glitter
  • pompoms
  • buttons
  • sequence
  • rhinestones


You don’t have to go out and rent or buy tables for the occasion. A kitchen, dining room, or picnic table works great. Kids are messy (that’s the point in an art party right?) so I do recommend covering the table with something to protect it. An inexpensive plastic table cloth, an old sheet, or a drop cloth will work perfectly.


The last thing you want is an upset parent because their child got a little too creative and it spilled onto their clothes. If you don’t have the money to spend on child-sized art aprons ask the parents to dress their kids in play clothes that can get messy OR have old adult t-shirts on hand to slip over their clothes.


This is all free! Let the kids have fun with their art canvas party craft. This is their time to let loose and make a mess. Who cares that the colors are all running together and now the entire thing is brown. As long as they are having fun that’s all that matters. Don’t be the mom that inhibits their child’s art, let them get messy and explore their art side. I promise the floor, table, and clothes will all wash but those memories they are making will last forever.


You do not need to get fancy with this. This is a big way you can save money for your child’s art party. If you can whip up a batch of cupcakes with a simple frosting on top. Baking isn’t an option? No worries, you can still have a delicious budget-friendly birthday dessert. Cupcakes are VERY inexpensive at SAM’s and COSTCO. If we buy cakes or cupcakes it’s always from SAM’s Club.

Art party on a budget. FREE printable how to plan a crafty art birthday party without breaking the bank

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