5 super frugal ways to save money on beauty when you’re broke

5 super frugal tips to save money on your beauty when you're broke

What do you do when you’re broke but you still need to get your hair done so you don’t look like you’re broke? You get resourceful and creative!

I have always been super frugal. Growing up in a house with 4 kids that were 5 years apart, and on one income, the budget was often tight. I was trained from a young age that if you want something bad enough that you can’t afford you make do with what you have and you put your brain to work.

Thankfully now we live in a time where the world is at our fingertips. How amazing is that?! If we ever want to know the answer to something all we have to do is literally pull a phone out and type. Pure bliss! We are in a time where it is easier than ever before to learn how to do something…if we want to do it bad enough that is.

Raising four little girls is expensive, like seriously expensive! From heath care to every day expenses, there’s not much room in our budget for unnecessary purchases. So we have to be selective on where our hard-earned money goes. Let me tell ya, it doesn’t go to my beauty fund lol! I know moms everywhere feel the same way.

Here are my 5 best frugal tips to saving money on all that beauty stuff…if you’re willing to do a little work.

5 super frugal tips to save money on your beauty when you're broke

-Don’t buy in to every single beauty trend that comes out.. This will save you SO much money if you don’t jump on board. Remember that what’s hot now won’t be in a few years.

– YOUTUBE is your BFF! Use your fancy phone to youtube how to do your own hair. I know this may seem extreme BUT if you don’t have anything too complex going on with your locks you can do it yourself. Before I had kiddos I was a licensed cosmetologist, but I watched my grandma work in the salon for YEARS growing up and I was doing my own hair long before I became licensed myself. If you go slow and don’t do anything too extreme you can get the job done. This works for anything you want to know how to do. You will have a little bit of an expense at first to buy the tools you’ll need but they will like cost WAY less than getting the actual service done.

-I know pedicures are God’s gift to your feet but they are often an unnecessary expense. You can spend $5 at your local Dollar Tree or Walmart and get everything you need to do your own at home. I promise it absolutely won’t feel as wonderful but you’ll also be saving $$.

-Try bartering if you have a specific beauty need that you just can’t spare. If there is something you are really good at that your hair dresser needs from you, swap. I would just be very careful to not let this ruin any kind of relationship that you have with one another. Trading dollar value for dollar value is a great way to do this type of exchange. If she charges $35 for a haircut and you charge $25 for {insert the awesome thing you have to barter with} you would pay the remaining $10 in cash plus the thing you are bartering with.

-Don’t pass up clearance makeup. I know you’re probably thinking ‘what the heck is wrong with this lady’ but remember…you’re broke lol! You don’t have $57 to spend on a tube of mascara. Honestly, I have spent that much on mascara before and it did just as good as the $4 Walmart special I have now.

There’s my most frugal tips I use to save money on beauty. It will take a little getting used to, especially if you’re brave enough to do you’re own hair, but you will be amazed at how much money you will save.

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Have your own tips? I’d love to hear them, be sure to share them below!

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