50 activities to do as a family that won’t break the bank when you’re on a budget

50 activities to do as a family that won't break the bank when you're on a budget

50 Budget friendly activities to do as a family, affordable family fun

Having a big family is expensive. From the cost of living to healthcare, it’s definitely not cheap. But having fun as a family doesn’t have to break the bank. There are so many free and inexpensive activities you can do and honestly some are way more fun than blowing a whole paycheck at the theme park.

Here’s my list of 50 fun things to do with your family if you’re on a budget.

  1. Park

  2. Library

  3. Walks around the neighborhood

  4. Free days at the zoo

  5. Local state conservation park

  6. Explore a small historic town nearby

  7. take a tour of the local fire or police station

  8. Bonfire

  9. Bike ride

  10. Visit a local farm

  11. Botanical garden

  12. Small local museum

  13. YMCA {this does require a membership but it’s super affordable and you’ll definitely get your monies worth}

  14. Skating rink

  15. Local pool

  16. Picnic

  17. Make a meal from scratch

  18. Do a family craft

  19. Play a game of cards

  20. Family yoga in the backyard

  21. Bird watching

  22. Go on a hike

  23. Clean up a local park or school yard

  24. Make a fort in the living room

  25. Camp in the backyard

  26. Stargaze

  27. Feed the ducks

  28. Play charades

  29. Play a game of kickball

  30. Roast marshmallows

  31. Jump in the leaves

  32. Find a local creek and look for arrowheads

  33. Make cards and deliver them to the local nursing home

  34. Find a dollar movie at the theatre

  35. Go to a local high school play

  36. Plan and make dinner all together

  37. Paint rocks and hide them around your town

  38. Visit a local flea market

  39. Make a family dream board

  40. Wash the family car together

  41. Have water balloon fight

  42. Go fishing

  43. Research your town’s history and then go out and see the sites

  44. Bird watching

  45. Visit a local spray park

  46. Make a bird feeder using recycled materials from home.

  47. Take goofing family pics at the park using your phone and a tripod

  48. Volunteer at the local pet shelter

  49. Find a local festival with free activities

  50. Have a karaoke night

I hope you get some fun ideas from this list and even add more of your own.

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