10 fun crafts for preteens…from a preteen

10 fun crafts for preteens, by a preteen


I don’t know about you but our three older girls love Pinterest. They always ask to pin on there and honestly I don’t mind because it gives me a little insight into what they are into. What sparks their interest. And I love to see the varied levels of interest from each daughter. Some days they are all about pinning slime recipes and others they are decorating their dream house lol! But I especially love it because it helps me to see what craft projects they might be into so I can buy supplies when I see it go on sale.

So I thought I’d share on here 10 crafty projects that PRETEENS are into, from a preteen’s point of view. These are all projects they have either done and LOVED or projects they’ve seen on Pinterest that they have pinned…more than once {this happens a lot with these three}.

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I think it’s important that I also share I have not collaborated in any way with the other crafty sites I’m sharing. These are all pins our preteens found on Pinterest and I want to give credit where credit is due. So please check them out. Just click on either the highlighted link or the pictures themselves and it will link back to their websites.

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1.Treasure Boxes

First up are these wonderful little treasure chest boxes. We made these for our oldest daughter’s birthday party. She had a scavenger hunt themed party so we thought why not have the treasure be mini treasure boxes! The kids loved them, even the boys which totally surprised me. We don’t have boys so it’s always super difficult for me to plan things that are gender neutral like that.

10 fun crafts for preteens, from a preteen

2. Fairy Houses

I don’t care how old you are fairies are fun! And these recycled fairy houses are sooooo adorable! Be sure to stop by Crafts By Amanda

3. Painted Feathers

These are gorgeous! Preteens could do so much with these painted feathers and they would be so easy to make. Check out BLD 25 and the rest of their DIY projects.

4. Sharpie Tie Dye

This looks like so much fun! Traditional tye dye can be messy but Natural Beach Living makes this craft look easy peasy!

5. Light Up Fairy Jar

I have watched LOTS of preteens make this craft and they love it so much! Fairies are so fun no matter your age! Our girls have made several of these over the years and each time they get more and more creative with it.

6. DIY Bath Bombs

So this has been on our older girl’s list of things to do for awhile and I’ll be honest I have no idea why we haven’t tried these yet. Chelsey from Buggy & Buddy has a great tutorial the girls and I will have to make over this summer!

7. Cracked Glass Jewelry

OMG this looks like a lot of fun! This project from Color Made Happy will require adult supervision but what a fun thing to make. I can’t wait to do this one with our girls.

8. DIY Constellation Jar : Glowing Science Fun

These look like a TON of fun! Your preteen could even upcycle an old sauce or pickle jar for this craft. Stephanie from Mom Dot did a great job with this creative project.

9. Polymer Clay Owl Necklace

Our girls got a ton of clay for Christmas last year so they are pinning like crazy all the different things they can make out of it. Probably one of the best gifts we’ve ever given them lol! They stay busy for hours with this stuff! Check out Angela from Projects With Kids and her polymer clay necklace tutorial

10. Wall Mobile

This is a must do craft for your tween. Especially if they are wanting to learn how to sew. I’ve taught all my older girls how to sew, the youngest will learn as soon as she’s ready, and they LOVE to explore what they can make with their learned skills. Sew Yeah has lots of great projects to check out including this heart wall mobile.

Be sure to check out all the amazing craft tutorials that our sweet girls found on Pinterest. I’d love to hear from you. What crafts does your preteen like?

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  1. what are some desk organization and decor ideas??? ive been trying to plan my new art room but i cant figure it out

    1. Hi Hayden! I don’t have photos of my own desk but I try to keep this super simple for my own desk. I use something similar to this vintage looking metal caddy with 3 organizers https://amzn.to/3dafT0G . It holds my scissors, markers, pens and pencils. I use something similar to this rustic utensil caddy https://amzn.to/3aX7Dj9 to hold all things glue. It’s cubbies perfectly separate my hot glue gun, glue sticks, glue pens, all the glue/sticky things that I use almost daily and I keep it on my desk so I can access these items quickly. I keep my Cricut on my desk out all the time too bc honestly it’s a pain to have to constantly get it out and put it back every single day (I use it at least 5 times a week). I hang all of my Cricut mats on a cup hook on the side of a bookcase that I turned into a craftcase. I hope this helps and I will try to write a post soon showing casing all the helpful and pretty things I use to keep my crafty space organized.

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